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The King James Version Defended

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The King James Version Defended by Edward F. Hills

Edward F. Hills in his work The King James Version Defended represents a sober and compelling argument for the "old tradition." As a well trained classicist and an internationally recognized New Testament critic, he analyzes the problems of both modern language translations and current New Testament text criticism methodology.

Dr. Edward F. Hills (1912-1981) was a well trained classicist and an international recognized New Testament text critic. He was a distinguished Latin and Phi Beta Kappa graduate (A.B. major in classics, Summa cum laude) of Yale University. He also earned the Th.B. degree from Westminster Theological Seminary and the Th.M. degree from Columbia Theological Seminary. After doing doctoral work at the University of Chicago in New Testament text criticism, he completed his program at Harvard, earning the Th.D. in the field. We have included his work The King James Version Defended at our site. The book is not just about the KJV, but rather about the defense of the text behind the KJV, namely the Textus Receptus.



Introduction - Textual Criticism And Christian Faith

  1. God's Three-Fold Revelation of Himslef
  2. A Short History of Unbelief
  3. A Short History of Modernism
  4. A Christian View of the Biblical Text
  5. The Facts of the New Testament Textual Criticism
  6. Dean Burgon and the Traditional New Testament Text
  7. The Traditional New Testament Text
  8. The Textus Receptus and the King James Version
  9. Christ's Holy War With Satan


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